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New BMES Officers!

The BMES Officers for 2015-2016:


Melanie Rivas-Bustamante


Andrew Nguyen


Bre Brocklesby


Taylor Hickson

Corporate Liaison:

Holly Hendrickson


Farhan Rob

Grad Rep:

Romina Del Bosque

Freshman Rep:

Melghi Arasu

SEC Rep:

Evon Looper

SEC Rep:

Katelin Diguette

Social Chair:

Davis Denny

Social Chair:

Katie Tindel

Public Relations Chair:

Jessica Hanson

Mentorship Program Chair:

Esther Lee

Journal Club Chair:

Liana Polikatis

Staff Advisor:

Dr. Fidel Fernandez

Faculty Advisor:

Mr. Alan Brewer

Secondary/Grad: Advisor:

Staci Jessen

Co-Advisor/National Advisor:

Dr. Daniel Alge

Virtual Suggestion Box





BMES is not exclusive to our own activies. In fact we have recently teamed up with Engineering World Health (EWH-TAMU) and Aggie BUILD (BUILD-TAMU) to construct Mobile Medical Units to send overseas to Africa, Colombia, and Haiti.


Check it out:






To learn more about these other organizations, just click on the link by the organization.

Creating An Account On This Website



Some of you have tried to create an account on this website, so you can post comments, create forum topics, or other actions. We have fixed a problem we were experiencing. Now, if you have paid your membership dues, you can create an account. Approval may take some time since we have to confirm your identity and membership status. Please fill in with accurate information; we cannot tell if you are a real person or not if you don't fill in ALL components of the application. You will receive an email stating if your account has been approved. Please realize that an account is not require if you just want to look at content :)

*****For those of you who have applied: you must apply again.

Thanks and Gig 'em!



P.S. If you are still having problems, be sure to let us know either at or at the next meeting.

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